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Kingdom Creativity

Celebrating the creativity of God as it is reflected in the creativity of his people.


Our God is a creator. He spoke reality into being and he has shaped the cosmos and its inhabitants into an amazingly beautiful tapestry of sound, color, light, still, and life.


Alone among God’s creation, He has said that humanity, both male and female, was made in His image (Gen. 1:27). God is Creator. Humanity is made in God’s image. Therefore humanity also creates. No other creature creates like humanity creates. God created spiders to build webs, and so they do to the glory of God, but they’ve never sculpted. God created birds to sing songs, and so they do to the glory of God, but they’ve never written symphonies.


Humanity alone creates in a way that approximates what God does. This is part of His image in us.


In an effort to glorify God for his creativity, Greenridge Baptist Church will designate a physical space in the church building to highlight the creativity of the people of God.

A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God. An artwork can be a doxology in itself.
- Francis Schaeffer


Our purpose is not to curate, collect, critique, or comment on pieces of creativity. 

Our purpose is not to build a comprehensive body of art produced by our members.


Our purpose is to highlight pieces of Kingdom Creativity in order to remind

believers that our God is creative and he has made humanity to be creative as well. 

Our purpose is to encourage God’s people to create things for his glory.

It is worth man’s while to create works upon the basis of the great works God has already created. This whole notion is rooted in the realization that Christianity is not just involved with ‘salvation' but with the total man in the total world.
- Francis Schaeffer


Those interested in submitting a piece should fill out THIS FORM.

Using the criteria outlined below, the Elders will have full discretion to

decide which pieces will be highlighted in the designated space.


The decision not to highlight a certain piece is not necessarily a judgment on its quality or message.


When a piece has been given approval by the Elders to be highlighted in the designated space, the member who created the piece will be asked to loan the piece to the church in order to display it. The creator will also be asked to provide a description of the piece and some comments on why the piece was created. The descriptions and comments will be displayed with the highlighted piece.


We recognize that creativity takes many forms, thus it is not necessary for highlighted pieces to be visual. However, each piece must have some physical representation available in order to be highlighted


To be considered, a creative piece must meet the following criteria:

  1. A piece must have been produced from a biblically sound worldview. It does not necessarily need to communicate religious themes, but its themes should be thoroughly consistent with a Biblical worldview.

  2. A piece must have been produced by a current member of Greenridge who is participating in the life of our church, or a former member who has contributed to the life of the church in the past.

  3. A piece must demonstrate a significant level of intentionality in its creative care, quality, and effort.

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